Ingredients (Tools & Methodology)

Ingredients (Tools & Methodology)

Over the years, Elevate has gathered quite a big collection of tools and instruments which we use as part of our services. Tools obviously need to pass the scientific criteria but we also have experienced that the users of our instruments need to feel comfortable with them and feel able to apply the results. Needless to say that Elevate only works with tools for which we are licensed.

Using tools ensures us that we approach assessments and coaching with methodology, depth and transparency. Based on the results, we are able to customize our sessions depending on the objective. We use tools as well as customized simulations and exercises. Tools however, form a strong fundament of our approach. Read more about  our vision on professional development to understand why we feel a customized program and using the right tools are crucial in our field of expertise.

Tools / Instruments can be divided in a number of categories.

Self description questionnaires:

  • Personality Questionnaires.
  • Instruments that look at natural preferences.
  • Capacity Tests / Critical Thinking.
  • Questionnaires about values and drivers.
  • Questionnaires focussing on interests.

Questionnaires requiring input from others:

  • 360 Feedback for Professionals.
  • 360 Feedback for Leaders.

Instruments collecting information about the organisation or a team:

  • Organizational / Team Effectiveness Survey
  • Engagement (as part of team session)
  • (Leadership) Team Canvas (as part of team session)

Elevate works with tools and instruments that are developed by amongst others Self Management Group, Pearson, Hogrefe and is licensed to use MBTI (step1&2) and JTI. Would you like more information about our collection of instruments? Contact us.

When we add new tools to our toolbox, we obviously are excited about this. That’s why most of the times we introduce them in our section What’s new. If you like to stay informed, sign up for our news.

Elevate is European Sales & Service Centre for the products developed by Self Management Group. We work in partnership for a long time. If you want to learn more about this cooperation, please read e-assessments and solutions.