Assessments: Team & Individual

Assessments: Team & Individual

The phrase “Assessment” nowadays is used in different context. In our field of expertise it refers to psychological research. A full day assessment should not be confused with e-assessment. We use a variety of tools and simulations to look at the individual with the objective to “answer the research question”. The collected information is interpreted by a psychologist and discussed with the participant.


To support a selection decision. For internal candidates as well as external candidates; To define potential. Often used when thinking about promoting someone. To collect information about the “best” match in case there are multiple candidates for one position.
Selection assessment
To ensure your new colleague has an effective start; As a zero-measurement. To define the talent and opportunities for growth related to the next step of the candidate; As a tool for reflection and orientation: what could be a suitable next step in the career?; As kick-off of coaching.
Development assessment
Career Orientation
The assessment with the broadest view on the individual. Identifying talent, drivers, intellectual capacities and natural preferences. Often with the objective to brainstorm about careers and the match with positions that don’t seem the most “logical” next step.
Career Orientation


Process and methodology.

  • Detailed analysis of the position using competencies and critical-incidents-technique.
  • Diverse set of instruments to ensure that we have different ways of measuring a competence. Obviously we use valid and reliable instruments. Simulation exercises are customized.
  • At least 2 assessors (psychologists).
  • Interpretation of behaviour of the candidates is directly linked to the research question.

The Elevate Style.

  • 1 point of contact facilitating the candidate all day. The candidate has its own room for the full day.
  • A professional but informal atmosphere. The different elements of the assessment are “tough” enough by itself.
  • Simulations and exercise are customized to ensure they are related to the research question and specific needs of the candidate.
  • Feedback Interview with 2 consultants since 3 know more than 2.
  • Feedback interview always has a coaching element.
  • Report including coaching elements (also in case of selection assessments).

A sneak preview: assessment room at our office.

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Elevate Consulting Group only delivers team assessments if they are part of a team coaching process. Therefore the participants are team members in real life and team dynamics are interesting and make sense. Only then team assessments provide a good learning experience about self and others. Please contact us if you like to know more about this.

Attached document provides you with information on what you can expect at your assessment with Elevate Consulting Group. It includes some FAQ’s and tips on how to prepare.