The Tribal Culture: strengths and areas of attention

tribal culture

In part 1 of our blogs about Culture, we introduced the importance of the link between strategy and organisational culture. We also mentioned the tool we are using to measure culture. A tool that helps us define what would be needed in order to successfully implement strategy. Over the last months we have done some great projects on strategy/culture. Spending lots of time with our clients and havi ...[Read More]

About Culture and Strategy – Part 1

culture and strategy

This year on the 1st of July we celebrate Elevates 15th Anniversary. It has been a quite interesting journey looking at it from both a business perspective but also from a financial perspective (market volatility). What we know for sure though is that it has also been 15 years of fun and professional development. Something we would have never been successful at if we wouldn’t have had the trust of ...[Read More]