(Executive) Search

(Executive) Search

Back in the days, when we needed to go on the internet using a modem (yes, with that ggggggggggg-sound, you can hear the sound by clicking the audioplayer below),

we learned the traditional way of “headhunting”. We used a phone, a phonebook and our imagination. That traditional method makes that we still know how to find and connect to candidates who might be a perfect match but are less actively on the “move”. Obviously we use our network and  the latest search methods as well. We combine the best of both worlds.

We offer our customers and candidates a transparent process. Transparency from all parties involved is key for making the perfect match. The same is true for managing expectations.

Over the past years we have built a track record in Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Management.

Organisations: Please contact us if you want to learn more about the way we work and our terms & conditions.

Candidates: Please contact us if you would like to be headhunted. We will provide you with genuine feedback on the chance that we can play a role in your next career move.

Check Twitter, our Linkedin Group and our Facebook Page for the positions we are currently recruiting for. Please remember that not all positions will be on social media due to confidentiality.