Rombit is a fast growing start-up based in Antwerp, Belgium. They help organizations with their digital transformation and make them future proof by delivering IoT-solutions. This week they were in the news with their solution for the City of Antwerp but check out their FB page for more info about their cool projects.

As a start-up with fierce growth ambitions, Rombit faces the struggles as others in the same life-cycle phase: a phase in which you want to hire, want to respond to market needs and in which you are excited to be able to move quickly. At the same time a phase in which you need to spend time on operations, processes and HR in order to facilitate growth in a way that the team is connected, knows what to do and understands the bigger picture. Therefore Karolien Sluyts , VP HR & Legal, asked us to execute an Organizational Effectiveness Survey. A survey taken by each team member about all topics relevant for the organization ranging from strategy, product, customer service to performance management, leadership and Rombit as a workplace.

About the process:

  • Data is collected anonymously.
  • As a Workshop for Management to get acquainted with the results and come up with some action points including signalling needs for deep-dive.
  • Last week we held an All Employee Workshop in which the results were presented and in which the employees created action points and ideas they feel that needs following up and presented this to the Management. The results were divided in 7 categories and employees were able to choose the category they were most attracted to.

About the results:

Rombit can be proud about the team spirit and the engagement of their employees. And it definitely shows that they have a lot of fun together and feel proud about working for Rombit. During the workshop they were engaged and excited to share ideas. Obviously Rombit has items they need to address which are in line with the issues of other start-ups: on both operational and HR related topics. There appears to be need for clarity (roles, responsibilities, career management and communication channels).

So what’s next:

Some of the results could be immediately used in the recruitment process: to illustrate the culture and manage expectations of future Rombit colleagues. 3 days after the workshop a session was planned about strategy in which a lot of questions that came up during the workshop were addressed. And what else is next? Well, a lot of hard work to facilitate a young and excited team! They will work in small teams on the identified areas of improvement.

Keep an eye on Rombit. And let us know if you would like to learn more about our Organizational Effectiveness Surveys.